I was born and raised in Brazil with 3 sisters by devoted vacationless parents. I learned to code at 11 and built dynamic Flash templates at 13. I became a father at 16, a brilliant little girl, who fills my heart with joy and my mind with purpose. I built software as freelancer for local businesses at 17, ad agency, ERP consulting and academia at 18; led a remote team at Dell.com at 20; consulting with Thoughtworks at 22 and Sr. Dev at Silicon Valley’s Doximity at 24.

Then at 26 I got married and at 27 I resigned and decided I would never write software for a company for a living again.

I still want in, but now enabling teams to move efficiently in the right direction. I have a wide technical background and deep love for people, peers and users alike. I like good things done well. I believe technology can do so much good if only we care about life more than bottomline while building it.

Send me an e-mail if you’d like to talk, rafaelbandeira3 at gmail, I love it when paths cross.

Peace and <3, RB