Job Application Cover Letter for

Hi there! My name is Rafael Bandeira, I was born in Brazil and I currently live in Amsterdam. I work with people to find out good ways we can use technology to make life better, and I have been doing so for more than 10 years, when I was still called a teenager.

I come from a highly technical background, as software engineer and consultant. I have worked designing, implementing, maintaining and taming engineering processes that allow people to be themselves and work as a team towards creating a richer life for users that benefit from our work. My experience has also allowed me to learn from mistakes, recover from bad situations and bend lines up through continuous improvement and hands-on.

I am interested in for the reach it has on the travel industry, and the capability to empower consumers to take control over their planet exploration. As well as being part of a high-energy team that values good engineering.

Thank you, RB