Why teaching?

Maybe it’s the love for people, or for progress, or maybe just ego, but the truth is that nothing gives me more pleasure than learning and teaching things.

I like to break concepts, rearange ideas and clarify concepts, and to see widening eyes grasping some new plane in reality, and that “hm!” of understanding sinking in.

When I learn something new I just can’t shut up about it, because it takes my entire perception, a new world around me, and I crave for sharing. So teaching.

Free teaching

It occurred to me after some personal time, that setting aside some time for teaching anything from English to programming would allow me to evolve on my teaching skills while connecting with other people around the world and enable them to live the life they want. And doing it for free might free them to share the love too.

So, starting today I am going to set some time for conferences with whoever would like to take some time to learn something that I can teach, or study something with my help.

I am going to start with two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, 1.5h sessions.


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