Résumé - Rafael Bandeira

More than 10 years of hands-on approach to technology: freelancing, small shops, big corps, international consultancy and Silicon Valley startup.

Self-taught software engineer and human design enthusiast. I strive for easy, clear and automated, so we have more time to be ourselves.

I value and promote lean and transparent work processes, engaged user centered design and sustainable lifestyle.

Recent Past Experience

Doximity | 2013-16

Network and communications platform for US health-care professionals with more than 250.000 users, and 23 of US physicians.

I worked as full-stack developer, agile consultant, presented tech-talks, mentored new hires and junior developers.

As automation and TDD evangelist, helped raise test coverage from < 45% to > 80%.

As user evangelist, consulted on front-end accessibility and performance.

Highlight Project

  • Rails development high-reliability mobile chat backend, to support communications of health-care providers during shifts, integrating internal and external services;
  • Golang of mobile push notifications service with REST API serving > 350.000 events/day for 2 different apps in both Android and iOS, using AWS SNS backend;
  • Rails development of content publishing platform serving > 150.000 reads/day, on web, under 200ms, and on mobile apps via Hal-JSON API. Using ElasticSearch and Redis;

ThoughtWorks | 2011-2013

Vanguard agile software consultancy and Social Justice agent, > 3500 consultants worldwide. At the time a little over a year of presence in Brazil.

I worked as full-stack developer and agile consultant.

I worked on a 2 months project rescue, implementing agile practices w/ 5 people client team to define value deliveries with stakeholders and raise quality standards with CI, pair programming and TDD.

I helped start a new office, conducted > 40 interviews, among video conf, in-office meetings and bootcamp events, in which I also gave talks on technical topics.

Highlight Projects

  • Rails development of content publishing platform and website for major Brazil travel magazines, led front-end performance reviews and optimizations;
  • C#.NET development of gas scheduling for major US energy company, led functional design for the distribution algorithms, which helped rules to be developed iteratively and added to a flexible control structure;

Dell | 2009-2011

Among first 5 hires of the Web Development team in Brazil to build the then Next Generation dell.com website UI with distributed teams in US, Canada and India.

I worked as front-end developer and interviewed > 10 candidates for senior positions for fast growing team.

As an agile evangelist, I helped my team to implement processes that reduced our cycle time significantly.

I was awarded a Scrum Alliance training for Certified Scrum Product Owner in 2010 as Effective Collaborator, and then worked as a PO for the e-commerce UI for 1 year.

Highlight Projects

  • Web development for C#.NET backend e-ecommerce and Sharepoint content platform
  • Design and specification of user interface components with business, brand and web development and design stakeholders, observing interaction, performance, accessibility and reusability;

Experience Summary

year @ age of notice domain team size backend languages
2016 27 Resigned for a sabattical and wanting to work in-loco with a team ? ? ?
2015 26 Married Natalia Arsand, crafty designer from Brazil, and moved to Amsterdam Personal
2014‑16 25‑27 Still at Doximity.com, developing HIPAA compliant mobile chat and push notification service; Traveling around Brazil Health-Care, Communications < 10, Remote Ruby, Golang
2013‑14 24‑25 Working remote for Silicon Valley Doximity.com, spending 2-3 months per year at HQ in SF Health-Care, Publishing,   Agile Coach < 5, Remote Ruby
2012‑13 23‑24 Still at ThoughtWorks, opening new office in North-East Brazil while consulting for Major Oil Company in US Energy Distribution, Hiring, Architecture > 10, Distributed C#.NET
2011‑12 21‑22 As a consultant for ThoughtWorks, working for Major Publishing Enterprise in Brazil Publishing,   Agile Coach, Project Rescue > 10 Ruby
2010 20 Still at Dell.com, leading UI development team as Scrum Product Owner E-Commerce, Hiring, Agile Coach, Entrepreneurship > 10, Distributed
2009 19 Developing UI for new Dell.com with a distributed team E-Commerce > 10, Distributed C#.NET
2007 18 Developing internal tracking tool for ERP consultants at JPC Solutions Time Tracking < 5 PHP
2006‑7 17‑18 Designing custom websites as freelancer, direct contact to sell and train customers; Working with tight deadlines at ad agency Perverte Design Entrepreneurship < 5 PHP
2005 16 My daughter is born, healthy and <3 Personal
2003‑4 14‑15 Developing and selling dynamic site templates with my uncle Entrepreneurship 2 Flash, ActionScript